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Dream Letter

Dream Touch For All Volunteer Teachers’ Ability Enhancement Workshop DREAM WORKSHOP


Dream Touch For All shares its vision and conducts training with contents applicable

to actual education environment with volunteer teachers twice a year.

The topic of the two-day Dream Workshop from February 15 to 16 of 2017 was Transformational Change!

It is a topic stemming from pondering how to actually bring about change to the students’ lives rather than

simply enhancing their test performances.

Dream Workshop mock lecture team conducted lectures on class designing, lesson planning,

and teaching methods for volunteer teachers who will be teaching our students.

Workshop provided practical support by offering unique education contents applicable to actual classes. :)

The workshop also had time for past volunteer teachers to design a Dream Touch For All program themselves.

It was a meaningful time during which past volunteer teachers could design a differentiated

Dream Touch For All program based on their field experiences.

There was a surprise welcoming event for the new volunteer teachers in the evening.

Senior volunteer teachers welcomed the new volunteer teachers by singing and dancing.

Second day was composed of the long-awaited Best Lecture finals and Dream League.

Volunteer teachers’ passionate lectures began based on the contents vigorously prepared the previous night.

Best Lecture finalists were Sungeun Lee from Korean history, Minjin Choo from English, and Changhui Cho from science.

As expected of finalists, they all gave interesting and easy to follow lectures!

From the Dream League, past volunteer teachers designed contents for a differentiated

Dream Touch For All program based on their past experiences. :)

After a heated competition, Sungeun Lee from Korean history won the Best Lecture Award and

team comprised of Seunghyun Kim, Juwon Lee, Jusun Hong, Sangwoo Cha, and Hyewon Oh received Best League Award.

Congratulations to all!!

We cannot wait to see what the new volunteer teachers have to offer to our students for this semester.

Through this workshop, we expect our volunteer teachers to bring about Transformational Change! to the lives of our students.

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