Dream Letter

After-school classes that are one step closer to your dreams.

Dream Letter

How to be a Dream Teachers?


Today, our students are developing tomorrow’s dream by studying until late with Dream Teachers.

We introduce the process of developing new dreams through learning from meeting Dream Touch For All.

Recruiting Teachers of Dream “Dream Teachers”

We are searching for “Dream Teachers” who will teach the dreams of our students!

Dream Touch For All believes that quality learning comes from quality teachers.

Thus, we actively recruit volunteer teachers “Dream Teacher,” who possess passion and abilities to

become the best teachers for our students, through online promotion and campus recruiting.

Recruited college student applicants will undergo document screening, interview,

and mock lecture processes to become the Dream Teacher-to-be.

STEP.2 Training!

Dream Teachers-to-be will go through concentrated training program “Dream Workshop”

to prepare for meeting the students before being sent out to schools.

They will learn to give lectures and communicate with students at eye-level by learning

teaching methods and giving mock lectures.

STEP.3 Adjusting to Eye-level

Dream Touch For All professionally develops tailored education curriculums and contents that

reflect the learning necessities of our students.

In addition to the eye-level learning programs, we are also conducting research on character programs

for developing a healthy learning motivation and attitude.

STEP 4. Lecture of Dream Begins!!

With the start of the semester, Dream Touch For All after-school programs also begin.

The students mature through dreaming and learning from Dream Touch For All School Managers

and Dream Teachers who teach and consult 4-5 times per week, 3 hours per day.

STEP 5. Never Ending Dream Teacher Training

To provide higher quality lectures to students, Dream Teachers’ efforts continue throughout the semester.

Dream Teachers prepare for better lectures by receiving advices from School Managers based on lecture

plans and feedbacks, and self-analyzing by recording their own lectures.

In addition, they share feedbacks and know-hows with School Managers and fellow Dream Teachers

to seek improvement points, and continue agonizing for the students.

STEP 6. Improvement Reports on the Students

Dream Touch For All scientifically measures students’ academic and emotional improvements

throughout a semester both internally and externally with research teams.

Based on the findings, we continue to endeavor on providing quality education to students.

Dreamer Dream Student who pursue the dreams of a better tomorrow through learning with Dream Teacher!!

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