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Dream Letter

Dream Touch For All’s 5-Year Anniversary Thanksgiving Night – Blessings for All


28th of November in 2016 was 5 year anniversary thanksgiving night of DreamTouchForAll,

held at the Korea Federation of Samll and Medium business.

It was truly a meaningful night where vounteer teachers who had served students with full hearts,

students who had grown and sponsors of DreamTouchForAll gatherd.(to share love and gratitude to each others)

“Steven Smith Teamaker” and “Bring Your Cup” has graciously donated for the thanksgiving night event.

They have donated delicious tea and tumblers for the event and the entire sales revenue from the tea

and tumblers will be used to send out volunteer teachers for our students.

(We give our sincere appreciation for your donations once again.)

Furthermore, the thanksgiving night event consisted of a heart-touching story between

Dream Teacher Kyungah Kim who served as a volunteer teacher for Dream Touch For All

and a senior from Segyung High School.

Dream Teacher Kyungah Kim delivered a touching story of a college application process with

one of her students regarding planning a college preparation strategy, accommodating the student

day before the interview when the student had nowhere to go, preparing breakfast for the student, and much more.

The Segyung High School senior showed gratitude with a loud “thank you!” and expressed his heart.

“Dream Touch For All has provided me with new dreams and hope of becoming like others

when I was only focused on finding a job.

Because the volunteer teachers passed on hope with “you can do it, it is still not too late,”

I continued to study without ever quitting and I am very thankful for that.

I hope to become a college student to share the love that I have received.”

The story of volunteer teachers and students growing together touched each and every heart

at the thanksgiving night event and everyone applauded for the student who have overcome many obstacles in life.

In addition, there was another person who delivered a meaningful message stating that

we are all presents ourselves.

The speaker was a Korean singer Sean.

Sean delivered a warm speech of us participating in “small sharing a day”

and the small sharings eventually accumulating into change.

The volunteer teachers and Dream Touch For All staff members all sang “You who give me happiness” on stage together.

It was a time that reminded us of each person who has been together with Dream Touch For All until now.

It was a very significant and a meaningful night!

We give our deepest and most sincere gratitude to everyone who has been with us and

Dream Touch For All will continue to move forward towards the dreams of our students.

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