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Dream Letter

Dream Touch For All + MIT Science Camp


2017 yearly Dream Touch For All+MIT collaboration winter vacation camp!

MIT students came to Dream Touch For All this year again.

Dream Touch For All volunteer teachers and MIT students prepared contents

from class designing to teaching tailored to the students.

Shall we take a look at what the winter vacation camps conducted at

Yeomyung School and Segyung High School look like?

First the Yeomyung School team.(Alternative School for North Korean refugee students)

Something happened at the camp! What happened?

For today’s class on learning DNA structures and characteristics, “Yeomyung School students”

became investigators to find the culprit in a made-up scenario!

In order to find the culprit, Yeomyung School investigators observed DNA under a microscope and

examined the structures that they only learned by theory.

Suspect list is narrowing down to the culprit as they examine DNA and learn to analyze the results by hand!

Lastly, the investigators used polygraph and asked questions in English

that they learned to identify the truth.

From learning DNA using evidence from a crime scene, testing water-based and

oil-based characteristics, composing English sentences, etc., Yeomyung School students (investigators)

spent a day finding culprit utilizing science.

Next, what happened at Segyung High School?

Segyung High School team prepared robot project for the students to learn science enjoyably!

For the class, students solved simple exercises using Arduino,

wrote codes through programming, and created circuits.

Arduino, which is “a tool to make interactive objects and digital equipment that can detect

and control the physical world, is an open source computing platform and software development

environment based on a simple Microcontroller board.”

Although Arduino was unfamiliar and strange at first, Dream Touch For All volunteer teachers explained

once again in Korean whenever the English explanation from MIT teachers became convoluted.

Can you see the glowing LED light?

Segyung High School students learned with a robot about the entire process of lighting a single lightbulb.

We hope that the students had the opportunities to find their precious dream through

the winter vacation camp.

Dream Touch For All continues its path to closing the education gap.

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